The Creation of Hand Painted Tiles

The Process of Making your Hand Painted Tile Order...

Once you are happy with the design and have approved sketches and sample tiles,  work to create your tiles can start...

Material Sample
The Process...
Colour Sketch (1).jpg

I begin by laying out the plain tiles to the size of the panel and then drawing (with pencil) the design on to the tiles.  Great care is taken to ensure the design is correct visually and according to the measurements.  Once I 'm happy with how the pencil drawing looks, I can then begin painting.  The painting is the longest process, mixing colours and shading to create a beautiful work of art takes time.  I take lots of photos throughout this process so you can see how it's looking and give me input.  Once the painting is complete and I'm happy,  a final photo is taken.  At this point, it's the last time to say if you want to change anything, as once the tiles are fired, the design is permanent.


All the tiles are now numbered on the backs and cranked up ready to start their first firing called the 'quick fire'.  This firing takes seven hours and goes up to 700 degrees, this helps the paint stick to the tiles.  Once the kiln has reached it's temperature it takes a further ten hours to cool enough to open the kiln door.  At this point, the quick fired tiles are all ready to be glazed.  The glaze is mixed to a specific recipe.  Each tile is then hand dipped with great care then cranked back up to dry out for at least eight hours.  Finally, once all the tiles are dry they then go in for a second kiln fire called the 'glaze fire'.

The tiles take twelve hours to reach their top temperature of 1080 degrees. This temperature turns the liquid white glaze in to a hard transparent gloss finish.  The kiln then takes a further fourteen hours to cool enough for the kiln door to be opened.  This is the exciting time of laying out the tiles and seeing the design finished.  It's also the time when we can find breakages.  The glaze fire is extremely hot and the tiles are at their most vulnerable in this firing.  We do experience hair line cracks which are very frustrating as that tile needs to be repainted and then go through the whole process again.

Hand Glazing Ceramic Tiles
Crank for Stacking Tiles

Breakages are part of the nature of ceramics and patience is a must for me!  I have many procedures in place to avoid breakages but sometimes (despite being very particular) they just happen.


I truly love creating hand painted designs on tiles.  The thrill of the finished work is very rewarding and sometimes hard to part with.  I love to see the tiles I've created in situ in your home and greatly appreciate customers who send a photo.  I've been painting ceramics for the last twenty years and have worked on all different kinds of projects.   My latest commissions and designs are put on to my social sites first, so please do take a look.  I greatly appreciate a customer who has taken the time to give me a kind review.  If you've been a past or present customer and want to give a review then please click on the Houzz logo and you can directly add a review.  Thank you!

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