A Collection of Hand Painted,         Bespoke Tile Designs.

Black & White Designs & Bespoke Hand Painted Tile Designs... 

~ Smooth Japanese Maple, Walnut, Fig & Sessile Oak Single Tile Designs

~ Large Shell & Two Shells, Single Tile Designs.

~  Light House Design (2 tiles) & Sailing Boat Single


~ Black & White Thistle, Black & White Leaves Design (3 Tiles) ~ Perfect for fireplace tiles

~ Antique Rose (2 Tiles) 

~ Black & White Daisy Tile Design (8 Tiles)  

~ Black & White Poppy Tile Design (3 Tiles) ~ Perfect for Fireplace Tiles

~ Bespoke Scenes for a Wildlife Park & Butchers Shop

~ Champagne & Wine Labels on Tiles

The Wildlife Collection...

The Perfect Gift

~ Sketch Effect, Ceramic square vases, Fox, Hare, Hedgehog & Stag  £50.00 each


For other gift ideas look on our illustration website, 

Pet Portraits....


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